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Our mission is to be a forum for ideas, opinions, and issues that affect the families of Central Kentucky. In our pages we give voice to those important messages, and we celebrate the lives of families in our community. Each month we deliver a calendar of family events, plus informative and reader friendly feature stories on topics such as childcare, education, raising a family, health and elder care issues.

We Deliver 72,000 Loyal Readers to You,
the Advertiser!

Lexington Family reaches a highly targeted market of parents, educators, grandparents and other caregivers.Busy parents tell us they love our easy to read publication because it gives them, ideas, activities, products and services to improve the quality of their family lives.
Pulse Research, a nationally known research company, conducts independent reader surveys of Lexington Family Magazine – so we have numbers you can count on.  More than two-thirds of our readers keep the magazine two weeks or longer, and 73 percent read the advertisements most or all the time! (Surveys by CVC & Pulse Research)



Circulation 30,000
93% Female
95% Ages 25-54
91% College Educated
83% Homeowners
53% Annual Income:
Ages of Children
40% Under 5
77% 5-12
36% 13-18
Survey by Circulation Verification Council


Audited Distribution means Guaranteed Exposure for you! Lexington Family Magazine is committed to bringing the most trusted professional service to our advertisers. We are audited by the nationally recognized Circulation Verification Council. This assures you of a dependable and accurate assessment of our distribution system and numbers.
LOCATIONS: (More than 700) Fayette County & 7 surrounding counties
• Child Care Centers
• Hospitals
• Public Libraries
• Museums
• Restaurants
• Churches
• Diaper Service Deliveries
• Realtors – relocation kits
• Family Friendly Businesses
• Senior Communities and Centers
• Parks, pools & other recreation areas
• Public & Private Schools


Unlike the daily papers, Lexington Family Magazine is often read cover to cover by busy parents who are looking for tips and advice for their families. Readers appreciate the consistent editorial coverage of the news, events and issues affecting their families’ lives.
Topics Include:
• Health Fair at Your Fingertips
• Private School Directory
• College Guide
• Birthday Party Guide
• Summer Camp Directory
• Vacation Planner
• Maternity & Children’s Health
• Family Fun Guide
• Preschools & Daycares
• Back to School
• After School Directory
• Education
• Elder Care & Retirement Planning
• Holiday Gift Guide


Magazines are distributed on or about the 25th of the previous month of issue. Space reservation and art deadlines are usually the 8th of the prior month. Please call 223-1765 for specific dates.


In addition to the monthly magazine, additional advertising opportunities include highly targeted publications such as:
• Kentucky Field Trip & Activity Guide:
Distributed directly to teachers and youth leaders in 13 counties.
Successful Aging Resource Guide:
An annual publication with valuable resources for families and caregivers
• Summer Camp & Activities Fair:
One of a kind, one-stop shopping opportunity for you to showcase your camps.
• Website Advertising Programs:
Reach an ever-growing internet audience.


Award Winning Editorial and Design
Member of PPA for over 10 years

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