Parenting Questions

Each month we consult with experts – our readers! – about parenting and ask a question on our Facebook page. January’s Question was:


 If your child was an animal, what would he or she be and why?


– “My youngest would be a raccoon. She always has a snack cup and hisses if you try to take it away.” – Sarah Jewel Adams

-“I have said from the time he was small that my son Lucas (8) would be a mountain goat because he climbed everything and then perched on top!” – Laura Romeo

-“According to my husband, our son Sam (3) would be a lobster. His reasoning is there is no record of lobsters sleeping and our son hates to sleep!” – Julie Petroze Hamlin

-“Sawyer (4) says he would be an elephant because it would be like having a hand for a nose.” – Laura Endicott


February’s Feedback Question:


 Does fear of “mom-shaming” ever keep you from posting on the Internet?


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