Holiday Pregnancy Announcements

The holidays can be the perfect time to announce a pregnancy. You are already surrounded by family and gift exchanges can lend an element of surprise. Here are a few fun ways to break the big news under the Christmas tree.

Ornament with Due Date

Decorate a bulb ornament with your due date and watch as puzzled faces try to figure out what the numbers mean. Or you could find an ornament that looks like baby booties and see who gets the hint first. Check out our board of ornament ideas here (many are easy DIY!)

Santa Hat Sonogram

Photo editing Apps can help you decorate your sonogram photo with Christmas cheer. Add a Santa hat to your little blob, or put some mistletoe in the picture. Look up Holiday Photo Apps in the App Store and see the possibilities.

Themed Maternity Shirt

Maternity stores should have a fun selection of holiday-themed shirts. You could also make your own in a pinch. Get a red top, decorate with snowflakes or tinsel and write “Guess Who is Coming to Town?” on the belly!

New Stocking

You don’t have to know what you’re naming your baby to pull this one off. Just grab a dollar tree stocking and use craft paint to put “Baby Smith” or “New Grandchild” across the top.

Grandparent Gifts

Whether it’s a coffee mug, a picture frame or a sweater, nothing will bring as much glee as a gift that has “Grandma” or “Grandpa” emblazoned on it. This is a fun announcement that can also be used later, and will hold special memories for the grandparents.