Holiday Book Reviews

Love, Santa“Love, Santa” by Martha Brockenbrough

Author Martha Brockenbrough’s nine-year-old daughter asked her the truth about Santa Claus, and Martha’s creative and thoughtful response was a viral sensation. That experience is the basis for her new book, that follows a young girl named Lucy and her journey to discover what the real “magic” of Santa is. This is a wonderful book to help parents answer that dreaded question about Santa and illustrates that the day our children stop believing in Santa doesn’t have to a be a sad day.

Recommended for ages 5 & up. Available here.




Snow Falls Book“When the Snow Falls” by Linda Booth Sweeney

A brother and sister bundle up for an outdoor adventure with their grandmother in this delightful storybook. The lyrical text is short and sweet, full of action words to keep your little one engaged in the story. The reader can emphasize the hush, crunch or swish in the rhymes. This is perfect read for a snowy day.

Recommended for ages 3-5. Available here.



Twelve Days Book

“The Twelve Days of Christmas” illustrated by Emma Randall

The timeless Christmas carol comes to life in this picture book. Each page is full of playful imagery noting the gifts given in each lyric of the well-known song. It’s fun to read, sing and explore with even the youngest of readers.

Recommended for all ages. Available here.