Dr. Rick Graebe: Testimonials Through the Years

In the 10 years that we have published articles about Dr. Rick Graebe and his work with Vision Therapy, we have heard ringing endorsements about the treatment from parents of Dr. Graebe’s young patients.

Below is a sampling of what we’ve heard in the past four years alone.


Ben Burgess was a 14-year-old Georgetown boy who struggled with reading.

Said his mother Sarah: “The exam was thorough and they gave us great information about Ben’s situation. Dr. Graebe is a wealth of information.”

“I have to say the staff was phenomenal. They explained that they were resetting his brain pathways and that once his eyes, brain and body were re-trained, he would never lose it.”


Kristie McIntyre’s 11-year-old son, Morton, would skip entire lines when he read.

Said Kristie: “Morton knows how proud and humbled we are by what he accomplished. Vision Therapy helped with his confidence, and it really is paying off and making a difference.”


Jennifer Lord’s 10-year-old daughter, Elizabeth, finished first grade and still couldn’t read.

“We are so happy that we went to Dr. Graebe,” Jennifer said. “I wish anyone who needs this has the opportunity to do it.”


Amy Holtzclaw’s daughter, Emily, was seeing double and didn’t know it. She also was clumsy.

Right after Emily started treatment she came home from school and said: “I ran up the steps without looking at them and I didn’t have to hold on to the railing.”

Amy was so impressed, she quit her job as a teacher and went to work for Dr. Graebe.

“I know what it’s like as a parent to cry yourself to sleep because your child is struggling. If I can help another parent going through that, absolutely I will. This is a great job.”


Chris Case was an 8-year-old third grader diagnosed with autism when his parents, Harold and Rebecca, brought him to Dr. Graebe.

Said Rebecca: “It was as if Chris’ world started to open up. He is now talking a lot more and it is actually making sense to others.

“After years of not being able to get Chris to talk, I was devastated. But to see Chris getting better as Vision Therapy went on made me zealous about it all.

“I am extremely excited about Chris continuing to succeed and grow.”