Parenting Questions

Each month we consult with experts – our readers! – about parenting and ask a question on our Facebook page. September’s Question was:


Do you think children should open gifts at their birthday party, or can they wait until they get home??


-“If you’re having a party at some sort of venue… there’s usually not enough time to open presents… If you don’t open presents at the party, you should make sure to thank the gift giver in some way, by phone or a thank you note.”  – Dana Hatcher Bix

-“My girls love opening and seeing gifts opened at parties. They get disappointed if they don’t get to see their gift opened.”  – Kristi Stefanini Peshke

-“When we have held parties at Monkey Joe’s or Kids’ Place, the kids are usually too excited to resume playing than watch the birthday girl/boy open gifts. So we usually take the gifts home and send thank you notes.”  – Kristy Kubasak Tucker


October Feedback Question:

 How old is “too old” to trick-or-treat?


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