Curious Edge – Helping Your Child Make Significant Gains on the ACT

KimberlyBy Kimberly Hudson

If your student’s ACT scores did not come back as high as you were hoping, I have the solution!

While many companies promote their curriculum, I stick to the actual ACT test and the brain.

I helped my first student prepare for the ACT a few years ago and did not adhere to any specific ACT Prep Curriculum Course.

I made no promises about making gains – I was doing this as a favor for a friend’s son.

You might think that was a doomed strategy.

But guess what? We made gains in all areas.

Rather than teach to the test, I address underlying cognitive processes.

There is some validity to teaching to specific strategies to increase chances for success when so much is at stake, and I review those strategies because every bit of information may mean the difference in an additional point.

But I would rather prepare my student for success on the ACT and every test he/she takes throughout high school and college.

Instead of teaching to the test, my focus is to empower students with the tools they need for academic success.

To date, our largest gains have been in reading, as high as 13 points!

This is as simple as assessing reading skills and providing cognitive intervention to bolster how the brain processes the printed text.

Guess what? Improving reading skills leads to an increase in science scores.

Reading plays a greater role in science performance than specific science content. Our students have improved by as many as 8 points in science.

Math and English require a more thorough review of the content. I believe that is necessary and important, so we include this and a lot more.

Our students approach the actual test knowing what it feels like to run a mental marathon.

They are prepared, know how to pace themselves and know when to make that final push to the finish line.

If your child’s ACT scores fell shy of their target, contact the Curious Edge and let us empower them for academic success.


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