Baby Safety Month: Product Review

By Katie Saltz

September is Baby Safety Month. With three kids at home, I’ve tried many different products geared toward keeping my little ones safe and healthy. Here are a few of my top picks:

Secure Beginnings SafeSleep Breathe-Through Crib Mattress


As the mother of a baby who started rolling onto her belly at three months old, this mattress is a dream come true. The mattress truly is breathable- if baby rolls over and is face down, he can still breathe normally through the mattress.

It allows fresh air to cycle in and carbon dioxide to cycle out, avoiding “rebreathing” the carbon dioxide, a SIDS concern. With no fiberfill or vinyl cover it won’t trap heat so the risk of your baby overheating is lower.

Bonus: The mattress is easy to wash, easy to install and the plastic bottom is made from recycled materials. Find it here:


The Stair Barrier


Baby gates can be tricky to install if you have a stairway with banisters. It’s incredibly unsafe to try to manipulate a gate to fit a space it shouldn’t. Thankfully the Stair Barrier exists for the perfect fit for stairs with banisters.

The Stair Barrier is easy to install without permanent holes in your wall, and it comes in stylish colors and patterns so your baby gate doesn’t have to be an eyesore.

Bonus: The Stair Barrier is made entirely in the U.S.! Find it here:


Dooky Baby Cover


The dilemma: you need to keep baby covered in cold weather without overheating her. The Dooky Baby Cover is the solution. This cover has a universal fit to attach to infant carriers and strollers and is easy to roll up and down as needed.

It protects against cold, rain, wind, sun, or just provides a quiet environment when your little one needs less stimulation.

Bonus: It comes in cute patterns to match your style. Find it here:


Woombie Swaddle


Swaddle blankets are an excellent choice for sleeping babies. Blankets can easily come loose and end up around a child’s face, but swaddles like the Woombie stay in place. Your baby feels safe and secure without bringing a SIDS risk in to the crib.

Woombies come in varying fabrics, such as cotton, muslin or mesh so you can find the perfect fit for your climate and season to keep baby at a comfortable temperature.

Bonus: Woombie carries a “convertible” line of swaddles that can be used as a sleep sack when your baby is ready to be arms free. Find it here: