50% Scholarships Offered at Montessori High

For the first time, Montessori High School is offering qualified students financial assistance toward tuition for the 2017- 18 school year.

MHS is offering up to 50% off tuition, and criteria for acceptance is based on financial need and not student performance.

MHS, established in 2009 and located on South Broadway, consists of nearly 30 students and has received full accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Distinct from other private schools, Montessori High’s curriculum, which aligns with Kentucky state standards, is student-centered and founded on project-based experiences that leave a lasting impression for students and their families.

Students are trained not to merely memorize facts but to absorb and understand the lessons they have learned.

The curriculum is interdisciplinary, emphasizing the arts and leadership. Agriculture is also part of the curriculum.

MHS provides a culture and climate that values tolerance and understanding thus creating an environment for high achieving individuals.

MHS graduates not only succeed in their post-secondary education or career choices but as global citizens and innovators.

Info: Vickie Hewitt (859) 707-7139 or  mhs.vhewitt@gmail.com