Dr. Rick Graebe: Sports Vision: Graebe Joins ‘A Team’

A track athlete at Indiana University back in the day, Dr. Rick Graebe has always enjoyed sports. Now he’s part of the A Team.

Formed by renowned sports vision pioneer, Dr. Don Teig, the A Team is a nationwide collection of doctors who specialize in enhancing performance, particularly in sports.

The group consists mainly of optometrists but also includes physical therapists, nutritionists and athletic trainers.

During his long career, Teig has worked with the New York Yankees, including All-Stars Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter, plus more than 100 other professional athletes and a dozen sports teams and the University of Connecticut athletes.

In the 1990s, Teig’s proteges worked with Andres Galarraga. After an evaluation found that Galarraga had a strong dominant right eye, sports vision doctors advised that Galarraga bat with an open stance.

The change worked. A career .288 hitter, Galarraga batted .370 and won the 1993 National League batting title.

Teig also worked with the dancers of the Joffrey Ballet in New York.

Since he retired as an optometrist and moved to Florida, Teig has organized seminars on sports vision topics and has worked with the NFL Combine, NASCAR, the LPGA, and NHL goalies. He also has plans to work with law enforcement officers.

“It’s all about the same thing – recognize, make a judgment and respond,” Dr. Graebe explained. “Sports vision therapy helps people do that faster.”

Dr. Graebe, a behavioral optometrist in Versailles, has known Teig for decades and is excited to join his new team.

“My passion has been to help people reach their potential,” he said.

“Joining the A Team puts me in contact with the premier performance doctors in the country.

“If I’m struggling with a patient, I can reach out to other doctors for ideas.

“This will help me help patients get better and make me a better doctor.”

That would be for all his patients, but Dr. Graebe especially enjoys working with athletes because of their competitiveness.

“They have the drive. You don’t have to light a fire under them,” he said.

“They are committed and willing to do what it takes to get better.”

And so is Dr. Graebe. Working more closely with Teig will help in that effort.

“I feel like we’re kindred spirits, and I’ve always loved working with Don,” he said. “He’s a very inspiring individual.”

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