Curious Edge: Proper Tools Can Make This Year Your Child’s Best Ever

KimberlyBy Kimberly Hudson

While I thoroughly enjoyed summer, there’s something about the start of a school year that is fresh and crisp. 

Everyone gets to start with a clean slate and have the opportunity to achieve more than they did last year.

That is if you have the tools you need to succeed.

Unfortunately, too many of our kids struggle with reading or math so their clean slate quickly feels like a pile of quicksand, pulling them down into a miserable abyss despite their frantic efforts to just stay afloat.

Can your child relate to this feeling?

There are tools available to help your child avoid the quicksand. A simple screening can begin to give you information that can dramatically change this school year.

The screening could show that your child struggles with reading or that he can’t memorize math facts.

Maybe his processing speed is slow or his working memory is not working at all.

Your child’s brain is similar to a computer – Improve the processing speed and working memory while programming the code for reading and making math come alive.

These tools are a game-changer for improved performance in school.

Keeping an open dialogue with your child is important. It’s also important to communicate with the teacher.

Now is the time to equip your student for the future and to develop great study habits.

Visual study guides were my saving grace throughout school.

I love to teach students to take a study guide and make it come alive. It doesn’t even feel like we’re studying for a test.  It’s fun, it’s effective and the outcomes speak for themselves.

I have watched students change failing grades to “A’s” because they learned to make visual study guides.

These enable learning and eliminate the wasted practice of verbatim memorization.

The Curious Edge has so many resources available to make this school year the best ever for your child.

Don’t wait until he is so far behind that it seems hopeless.  Be proactive!

A screening only takes one hour. We want to help your student have the best year ever.


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