Letter From Katie: Maternity Issue Has Special Meaning for Me

June is a particularly special edition of Lexington Family Magazine for me.

My third child was born in May, so the issues that pregnant and new moms face are near and dear to my heart.

As a first-time mom, I scoured the Internet for advice and wound up Googling myself into a panic.

There were simply too many sources and questionable information, and my “newbie” status couldn’t tell the good from the bad.

As a second-time mom, I was a bit wiser in my research and learned how to discern between expert info and articles written as click-bait – a ploy to gain traffic by feeding on our parenting fears.

Our mission at the magazine in focusing on maternity and children’s health is to provide you with sound advice from local experts.

The magazine also serves as a resource to help you navigate the tricky waters of childbirth and early parenting.

This edition, for example, includes:

– Advice on breastfeeding and safe sleep from Doraine Bailey, a breastfeeding expert with the Lexington Health Department.

– A list of breastfeeding resources compiled by the experts at the health department.

– What to expect on your baby’s first night at home from pediatrician Dr. Charles Ison.

– Day-to-day calendar of events that includes childbirth education classes and breastfeeding support groups.

We know that the prospect of a new baby can be overwhelming, and so is the research that comes with it.

We hope that this issue of Lexington Family Magazine can offer some solid advice to add to your parenting bank of knowledge.

As for me and my journey of parenting research? Third time’s a charm.