June Favorite Things

Stock the nursery with these awesome baby finds that are functional and cute as well.


Swaddle blankets

Swaddle BlanketsYou can never have enough swaddle blankets. Use them for swaddling, as a nursing cover, a car seat cover, a tummy time mat, or in a pinch they can be a burp cloth or changing pad.

These Touch of Shimmer blankets by Swaddle Designs are not only useful, they are beautiful. The muslin is lightweight and soft, perfect for a summer blanket. The patterns are absolutely lovely so leave them folded around the house for easy access when needed. Find them here.



Musical mobile

CoCoMobileWhether you are laying baby down a diaper change, for a nap or just because Mom needs her hands for a moment, a decorative mobile can make the difference between a fussy or a happy baby.

The Just Born CoCo Musical Mobile comes in a gorgeous combination of pink, black and gold to add some glam to your nursery. It plays the classic Brahms’ lullabye, so it is sure to catch your baby’s eyes and ears. Find it here.



Clothes hangers

HangersYou will be overrun with laundry with a new baby at home, so help keep the nursery closet organized with clothes hangers that are super cute and eco-friendly!

These hangers are made from recycled paperboard, and are sturdy enough to keep your kiddos closet organized. They come in a range of fun designs, which you can find here.




Feeding help

BeeboIt’s a fun name for a seriously helpful product. The Beebo is like a feeding buddy, so Mom or Dad can be hands-free during a bottle feeding.

The design keeps baby cuddled close so you are still getting that bonding time, but it lets parents have the freedom to tend to another child, sip some water, flip through a magazine (or check your phone for some much needed conversation with other adults!) Find it here.