Curious Edge: Our Kids’ School Careers Go Fast: Are They Prepared?

Kimberly By Kimberly Hudson

I have to ask: Are you as relieved as I am that it’s summer because there are no more long nights struggling with homework?

Are you thankful that you’re not working on spelling words or memorizing math facts?

My oldest just graduated from high school and, like many of you, I have realized how quickly our child’s academic career passes.

I wonder if I have equipped her with the skills necessary for success in college.

My second daughter is dyslexic and just finished her freshman year of high school, with fabulous grades in Advanced Placement Classes. However, yet again, she did not receive a single academic award.

The look on her face said it all – “I’m not smart enough to be recognized.”

She is never recognized for her hard work. Her teachers have no idea the amount of time she puts into studying for tests and writing papers.

My youngest excels in every academic subject she touches.

Are your children as different as mine?

All three of my children have benefitted from programs at The Curious Edge.

Although their learning styles differ, they all have benefitted from improving their processing speed, increasing their working memory, improving their logic and reasoning, and filling in holes in their reading skills so they can read more fluently and with greater comprehension.

All have improved their writing skills. They also have worked on study strategies, which will benefit them in college.

If your child had a miserable school year, use the summer to uncover the cause of the struggle.

Knowing why your child struggles empowers you with knowledge for success, because you now know how to help.

You can better understand strengths and weaknesses, which allows you to better fill your student’s tool box .

Here are a few ways we The Curious Edge can help you help your student:

– Writing Camp for Middle Schoolers

– “If I Had a Hammer” Math Program for Elementary and

Middle Schoolers

– ACT Prep for High Schoolers

– Reading Intervention

– Math Intervention

– Learn Study Skills


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