Writing Contest Winners Announced

Our 13th annual Writing Contest saw fierce competition between several elementary schools all vying for the $500 cash prize. In the end, Booker T. Washington Elementary had 89% participation, just passing Paint Lick Elementary by a handful of entries.

The Lexington Public Library, our Writing Contest partner, hosted a series of Write-a-Thon events over the course of the contest where children could attend and receive feedback on their essays. More than 1,070 children entered the contest, representing more than 40 schools across Central Kentucky.

Children were asked to craft a creative essay based on the prompt “If I Had a Billion Dollars …” We read plenty of wish lists for designer sneakers, luxury cars and toys. Many students had philanthropic aspirations and described the charity work they could do with the money. The ways the students imagined acquiring the money ranged from winning the lottery to robbing a bank.

Essays were judged in three categories: Grades K & 1, Grades 2 & 3 and Grades 4 & 5. Prizes were awarded to both boys and girls.

Winners received prizes from American Girl, BreyerFest, LEGO, Pulse Performance Scooters, Star Wars and Disney’s Descendants book sets, the YMCA of Central Kentucky. Entries were judged on creativity, quality of writing and how well they fit the theme.

Look for all the details on next year’s contest starting in January. Essays will be due at the end of March, 2018.

(For a complete list of winners and their full essays, plus our honorable mention winners, click here)

2017 Grand Prize Winners

K-1st grade:

Girls: Sofia Linwick (Hearn Elementary)

Boys: Andrew Joo (Seton Catholic)

2nd-3rd grade:

Girls: Eleanor Henderson (Southern Elementary)

Boys: Judah Bevier (Lexington Latin School)

4th-5th grade:

Girls: Carlyn Sharp (Veteran’s Park Elementary)

Boys: Trey McSpadden (Wellington Elementary)