The Curious Edge — Let Curious Edge Be a Game Changer

KimberlyBy Kimberly Hudson

Has this school year been difficult? Why not use the summer to get your child prepared for the next school year?

A mom stopped by my office yesterday to share a story about her daughter. Eight-year-old “Katherine” repeated kindergarten for social maturity and is currently finishing the second grade.

Katherine has ongoing struggles in school, reading below grade level and struggling with weekly spelling words.

She has received “reading intervention” for three years at her school. Unfortunately, Katherine’s mom did not see improvement.

Feeling concerned, she turned to her pediatrician and was referred to a rehabilitation practice.

Katherine was evaluated by a psychologist and diagnosed with ADHD and a Specific Learning Disability. Again, she was placed in a “reading intervention” program without any significant changes.

Katherine’s mom turned to The Curious Edge just before Christmas. We completed a short assessment that identified the source of Katherine’s ongoing struggles.

We found the key that had been missing and simply started giving her the tools she had been lacking.

Katherine started to experience success in school and loved what that felt like!

Our clinicians cultivated pathways, started connecting dots and prepared the brain to operate like the magnificent computer that it is.

Katherine became more intentional in her academics and communication skills, and her confidence soared.

For three years, Katherine’s teachers – with the best of intentions – had tried their best to help her.

Unfortunately, they lacked the medical training we have at The Curious Edge. We also have the experience of treating adults who had become neurologically impaired from stroke or head injury.

Before Katherine could work on foundational academic skills such as reading, spelling, writing and math, she first needed to have someone connect the dots that were preventing her brain from doing what it needed to allow her to succeed in school.

I’m so thankful we were able to help Katherine taste success.

This has given her the confidence to show everyone her unique gifts and talents.

Moms, don’t delay! Let this summer be a game changer for your struggling student.


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