Book Review – ‘Mama’s Kisses’

Review by: Katie Saltz

mamaskissesbookAny mother can relate to “Mama’s Kisses,” a playful tale of mischievous babies trying to avoid bedtime. In this book, written by Kate McMullan, the animal moms search for their babies in the jungle and send them off to sleep.

The illustrations are calming and the dialogue rhythmic, sending the perfect cues that bedtime has arrived. Mom and children will love to cuddle up and read this book, and share their own good night kiss before little eyes close.


kangaroobook“If I Were a Kangaroo” by Mylisa Larsen is a sweet take on a “what if” book and imagines mom and baby together as all different types of creatures.

The illustrations feature various animals all snuggled up preparing for bedtime. Fans of “The Runaway Bunny” or “I Love You, Stinky Face” will adore “If I Were a Kangaroo.”

The “Sleepy Animal” notes at the end are a lovely touch for older children who enjoy learning about wildlife. There are fun facts about how different animals sleep, from gorillas to sea otters to kangaroos and more.


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