At Lex. Public Library Branches – Kid’s First to Offer ‘Safe Social Media’ Workshops

Technology has changed the way we communicate.

In an instant, we can send messages, video chat, share photos, express opinions, play games, interact with those with similar interests and much more.

At the same time our shared words, thoughts, feelings and photos are permanently documented and our control over what happens next is lost.

Often, choices made instantaneously, and without much thought, result in unintended consequences that may last a lifetime.

It is vital that everyone is aware of the risks associated with online activity.

These risks include the impact to our reputation and future; unintentional harm to others; and online behavior that creates vulnerabilities to bullying, exploitation and a variety of crimes.

Certain online behaviors, such as sexting and bullying, increase risk.

However, routine, everyday and seemingly harmless activities also can increase risk to our safety.

And that’s especially true for children. Parents need to help children navigate the dangers posed by the Internet.

Therefore, it is critically important for each of us to learn the steps to take to prevent harm while using technology.

Kids First, Inc. is a local, non-profit organization with the mission of prioritizing child health, safety and well-being.

Kids First specializes in and promotes Internet safety, bullying prevention, supporting families and creating healthy communities through training, consultation and program development.

Kids First workshops and trainings have been conducted throughout Kentucky for children and adults in organizations, at professional conferences, for faith-based communities, at schools and more.

Kids First, Inc., in cooperation with the Lexington Public Library, is offering a free introductory workshop, “Safe Social Media,” at all library locations.

This workshop will identify several risks associated with technology, will explore examples of how online activity can increase vulnerability and will provide concrete strategies to reduce risk and prevent harm.

Kellie Warren provides training, consultation, program and resource development for Kids First. Warren has over 25 years of experience working in child welfare.

‘Safe Social Media’ Workshop Schedule

Please join Kids First during one of the following Internet safety workshops at Lex. Public Library branches.

All workshops are free and start at 7 p.m.

Monday, April 24 — Eastside Branch
Tuesday, April 25 — Central Branch
Thursday, April 27 — Northside Branch
Monday, May 1 — Beaumont Branch
Tuesday, May 2 — Village Branch
Thursday, May 4 — Tates Creek Branch

Workshop info: (859) 333-0859