Letter to the Editor: Mom-Approved Moms? What About Dads?

I am sending this letter in regard to “Mom-Approved” contests in your magazine. 

While I appreciate the idea behind what you are trying to do with these contests, as a father, I’m concerned.

What about us Dads?

There has been ample research on how lack of father involvement in a child’s life can have long-term negative impacts on that child well into adulthood.

Placing a value on one parent’s opinion over another is inappropriate and outdated.

Children need both parents equally and both parent opinions should be equally valued.

Your magazine should be encouraging father involvement rather than giving only moms a “special seal of approval.”

I’m worried about what kind of message focusing on moms only sends about expectations we should all have of fathers.

My wife and I both attend every one of our children’s doctor appointments. We are both at every recital, game and event.

Dads should be present and involved.

As a media outlet with thousands of readers, you are aware of the power of the written word and how people’s lives can be changed either in positive or negative ways by what is conveyed in the media.

Dads are not simple minded and just around to earn a paycheck and fix things.

A father’s love and positive influence on their children can be a powerful lifelong gift.

I work very hard at being a good dad and am passionate about encouraging other men to be outstanding fathers.

I encourage your magazine to do the same as it is the right thing to do for families.

You have an opportunity to encourage and value father involvement. These contests should be “Dad and Mom Approved” or “Parent Approved.”


Matthew Horn,

Lexington father of four children