Letter From Editor: Why I’ve Loved The Camp Fair For 15 Years

This year marks the 15th anniversary of Lexington Family Magazine’s Summer Camps & Activities Fair. And here are the reasons why I love the Fair.


Lexington is not a pedestrian friendly city, and outside of sporting events (UK football, basketball, Keeneland), parades (4th of July) and Christmas at the mall, we rarely gather in big groups.

I like rubbing elbows with folks, so the Camp Fair and its 3,500 people streaming through the doors in only four hours suits me fine.


Such an impersonal word. The exhibitors at the Fair are our partners, the people who support our mission of connecting Central Kentucky families with the services and products they need.

I not only love rubbing elbows with folks, but I’m a big-league talker, so this is a wonderful opportunity for me to get face time with the people I email and phone all year long.


Children of all ages, from those still in a stroller to toddlers and teenagers, drive the excitement of the Camp Fair.

Among the many kid-sized pleasures at the Fair, kids love to bounce on jumpies, have their faces painted and win prizes at the booths.

Only a Scrooge could resist smiling all day when you watch children having so much fun.


As a person of no artistic skill, I marvel  at the talented kids who perform at the Fair.

Every half hour, spectators gather at the performance area to admire the skill of the dancers, gymnasts, musicians and martial artists who grace the stage each year.

Among the admirers, I’m in the front  row.

So bring on the Camp Fair – Year 15. It should be bigger and better than ever.

Hope to see you there.