Getting Started as a Minimalist Mom

Minimalism is not a one-size-fits-all journey. If you look around your home and feel stressed or overwhelmed, it might be time to minimize.

So how can a busy family with varying needs utilize minimalism? Here are a few tips to get started:

  • Do a 30-Day Clean-Up. Start at the beginning of the month and choose one item each day that you are willing to get rid of. Keep the items in a box and on day 30, take it to the donation center. You will be surprised how easy it is to find 30 items you no longer need, want or use.
  • Tackle the toy room. First, toss any broken toys into the garbage can. Next, ask your kids to separate their toys into two groups. The “Now” group and the “Later” group. Put the Later group away in a storage box. Get the box out a month later and ask your kids if they want to swap anything out. It will be obvious which toys don’t grab their interest anymore and you can donate or consign those.
  • Inventory your closet. Turn all your hangers to face one direction. When you’ve worn and washed an item, hang it up facing the opposite way. After a few months you will realize what clothes you never wear anymore. Donate them!
  • Do some soul searching with your home décor. Does every wall hanging and every knick knack make you happy? If it doesn’t bring your joy to look at it, and it isn’t a vital, functional item to your day, box it up and donate it.
  • Design a realistic kitchen. Do all the appliances on your countertop get used daily? Weekly? Can they be stored in another place until needed? Clear countertops make life easier.

Minimalism is a journey with many steps, and the definition will change for each family. The goal is to stop feeling weighed down by stuff, and instead feel free to enjoy life and the space it takes place in.

What tips do you have for building a more minimalist home?