Lexington Family Magazine Writing Contest – If I Had A Billion Dollars

Who wouldn’t like to have a billion dollars? We can’t write you a check for that amount, but we do want to hear stories from children about what they would do with that much money.

Lexington Family Magazine is hosting the 13th annual Writing Contest in partnership with the Lexington Public Library. This year’s theme is “If I Had A Billion Dollars …”

Brainstorm your story about this billion dollars. Did you earn it? Win it? Find it? Tell us how you would spend it. Or would you save it? Or donate it? We want to read your most creative ideas.

We will choose grand prize winners and honorable mentions for one boy and one girl in each age group. Some of the awesome prizes for winners include classic model horses from Breyerfest, American Girl dolls, LEGO sets, a Pulse Performance scooter and more!

The winners will be announced at our annual Summer Camp & Activities Fair on Saturday, April 15 at Lexington Christian Academy.

Entries will be judged in three grade categories: K-1, 2-3 and 4-5. Stories are limited to 100 words for grades K-1, 150 words for grades 2-3 and 200 words for grades 4-5.

The school with the highest percentage participation will received a cash prize. (This prize is available to schools with 50 students or more in grades K-5 and is not open to home schools.)

Keep an eye out for the dates of our Write-a-Thons at Lexington Public Library branches throughout the contest period. We will announce those dates and times soon.

E-mail entries can be sent to


or mailed by Monday, March 24 to:

Lexington Family Magazine

138 E. Reynolds Rd. #201

Lexington, KY 40517.

Info: www.LexingtonFamily.com

or call 223-1765