Innovative Practice Serves All Patients

Many patients stepping into the Family Eyecare Associates offices in Versailles may think they’ve discovered a good place to get a new pair of glasses.

What they may not realize is that this is one of the most unique eye care centers in the state.

That’s because the office, headed by Dr. Rick Graebe, also houses the Children’s Vision and Learning Center with three optometrists (Regina Callihan, Rebecca Swartzentruber and Graebe), and two licensed opticians (Amanda Sholar and Stephanie Rehnborg).

The practice specializes in Vision Therapy, which is a kind of physical therapy for the eyes, brain and body. The six qualified Vision Therapists on staff are Jennifer Ciecorka, Jennifer Lord, Jennifer Mitchell, Daphne Moore, Angela Roberts and Afton Sweasy.

The staff also includes four technicians:  Shawna Anderson, Kathy Blackwell, Debbie Cannon and Tanner Readnower.

Helen Hodges and Angela Reeves comprise the office staff.

With so many trained professionals in house, Dr. Graebe’s office can offer a full range of services, including traditional optometry and optician services.

For adults and children, Dr. Graebe’s practice also offers corneal molding (specially designed contact lenses that reshape the cornea and permanently treat myopia).

Dr. Graebe was the first private practice in the state to install a Visually Evoked Potential tester – a diagnostic tool that acts like an EEG for the visual system.

The office also features an Optical Coherence Tomography machine that detects changes in the retina and macula leading to early diagnoses of optic nerve diseases and macular degeneration.

Dr. Graebe performs visual field testing, takes retinal photos and uses an aberrometer to measure distortions in the eye.

With all the latest in diagnostic technology plus Vision Therapy, corneal molding, optometrists and opticians, Dr. Graebe said, “To my knowledge, we are the only ones in the state to offer all of these services in one office.”

No wonder the practice draws patients from more than 300 different zip codes.

The business has grown dramatically since it opened in late 1999.

“We are on a constant quest to improve,” Dr. Graebe said. “When I realize what patients need, I figure I need to learn to do that.

“We are cutting edge in so many ways. We put the patients’ needs first. We also hire people who have a servant’s heart.

“That’s why we truly change lives.”