Thanksgiving & Pregnancy Nausea

Thanksgiving is notoriously one of the largest family meals of the year. If you’re battling pregnancy nausea and morning sickness this November, you might be in for a rough holiday.

Here are some tips for making it through the meal without upsetting your already delicate stomach.

Don’t Starve Yourself. Eat small amounts of food throughout the day. If you are dining at multiple locations, this is easily done. If your family’s meal is an all-day event, offer to bring some appetizers to tide you over like a veggie tray or cheese and crackers. You can always carry snacks in your purse if everyone else seems to be waiting for the main event to eat.

Portion Control. It may be tradition to end up in a “turkey coma” after the big meal, but your tummy won’t thank you for binge eating. Load up on small scoops and take your time chewing each bite.

Don’t Force It. If you can’t stand the sight of  cranberry sauce right now, don’t feel guilty about hurting the cook’s feelings. Great Aunt Sue can deal with it if you don’t want to eat certain dishes. Try to stick to favorites you can tolerate, or bland starchier side items. Avoid any foods loaded with oil, butter or grease.

Watch Your Liquid Intake. You need to stay hydrated, but don’t guzzle down too much liquid with your meal. That’s asking for heartburn and reflux issues.

Get Fresh Air. The smells coming from the kitchen can overwhelm your pregnancy senses. Step outside as needed to get fresh air and a break from the food aromas.

Have you had morning sickness during the holidays? What helped you get by?