Curious Edge: Even a Lost Boy, Deserve Help

by Kimberly Hudson

A few months ago I spoke at The Color of Education’s College Fair at Transylvania University. I was charged with motivating students to take the ACT.

I spoke to a young man I will call “Antonio.” I asked about his plans after high school. He quickly replied, “I’m going to attend the University of Drop Out of High School.”

I was stunned. “Antonio, why do you want to do that?”

“I just got out of juvenile detention, I had to change schools, I don’t know anybody here and I hate school.”

I told him he was in charge of his future. I reminded him that if he finished high school and pursued vocational training, his opportunities would expand.

His response floored me.

“But all of my friends are in ‘juvi,’” he said. “I have a warm place to sleep, plenty of food to eat. I don’t care if someone is telling me every move to make. It’s comfortable there.”

I was so surprised that I excused myself to collect my emotions, which were spinning out of control. When I returned, I laid out a plan for him to pursue welding or driving an eighteen-wheeler.

Both careers are hands-on, intrigued him and did not involve college.

He allowed me to introduce him to an advisor with the vocational school and to alert his high school counselor of our conversation.

I gave him my number and pleaded with him to call me if he ever needed to be reminded that someone believed in him. I have never heard from Antonio, but I will never forget him.

He was lost and didn’t have a plan. I don’t know what came of our conversation, but I hope he will always remember that I believed in him.

I started The Curious Edge Foundation for young people like Antonio. Every single person has something positive to contribute to our world, but young people don’t always believe they have anything to offer.

I am amazed by the number of students, at ALL academic levels, who believe they have no value or worth.

Please allow The Curious Edge to use our tools to determine why your student is struggling.

We can bridge the gap to empower your student to achieve academic success.


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