Bundle Up, Baby

It’s been unseasonably warm in Kentucky, but it’s time for parents to start planning for colder weather. Little ones can be bundled up safely and adorably in these fun winter-time products. Check out our reviews below of some top-rated gear.

PramSuitJust Born Pram Suit: The Sparkle Pram Suit is a cute and cozy way to keep baby warm outdoors. Don’t let cold weather keep you from walks with the stroller! Just zip baby in and head out the door.

It’s super soft, easy to get on and off a wiggly baby, and comes in gray and pink (adorned with plenty of sparkles.) Check out the Sparkle collection at wwwjustbornforbaby.com. Also sold at Buy Buy Baby.



TabiTabiTabi Tabi Home Shoe: No one likes walking on a freezing floor, so solve that problem with the Tabi Tabi house shoe for kids. The Tabi Tabi shoe is unique footwear to keep your kiddos feet warm on cold days indoors.

The split-toe concept mimics the feeling of being barefoot so little toes can splay, wiggle and stretch naturally. The shoes are machine washable and come in four colors. Learn more on www.tsukihoshi.com. Also sold on Zappos.com.



Frost BootFrost Boots: A solid pair of snow boots are a must-have for kids in the winter. The Frost boots hit all the marks on a mom’s list- easy to get on and off, machine washable, totally waterproof and has an antibacterial insole to kill odor.

They are designed specifically for a growing child’s foot with a wide toe and arch support. The boots come in plenty of cool color combinations to suit your little one’s style. Learn more on www.tsukihoshi.com. Also sold on Zappos.com.



DoodlepantsDoodle Pants: A product that you can tell was truly designed by a mom, Doodlepants are clever and cute leggings for your little ones. You can keep their legs warm and amuse yourself with the adorable patterns of rocket ships, ducklings, rainbows and so many more.

The leggings fit easily over the “diaper poof” and are soft and stretchy for a toddler on the go. Why not make laundry a little cuter? Check out the range of designs at Doodlepants.com.