A Letter From Katie: Keep Our Magazine At Your Fingertips Through Issuu



Keep Our Magazine At Your Fingertips Through Issuu
It just feels luxurious, like you can take your time leisurely flipping through pages.There is something special about the texture of a glossy magazine between my fingers.

But as much as I enjoy the physical copy of a magazine in my hand, I know that sometimes my tablet or smartphone is more convenient.

That’s why we want to make it easy for you to read Lexington Family Magazine in any format you choose.

We know you are busy parents and grandparents who don’t always have that paper copy of our publication in reach.

We have one more way for you to read the magazine any time you want – through Issuu, an online publishing platform.

Our monthly magazine is distributed at more than 700 locations in Fayette and surrounding counties. You can read articles and enter contests at www.lexingtonfamily.com.

But you can also use Issuu to check out the latest and past copies of Lexington Family any time.

Here’s what you do:


1) Download the Issuu App from the Apple or Google Play stores.

2) Sign in using an email address or social media account.

3) Search for Lexington Family Magazine and then click to follow us.


That’s it. You will be notified of new issues when they are uploaded, and you can flip through the magazine on your screen anytime, anywhere.

You can also look through past issues and more of our many specialty magazines.

We’d love for you to find us on Issuu and fit us in to your reading time in whatever way is convenient for you.

Whether it’s a copy of our glossy magazine you pick up around town, or a swipe of your finger on a tablet screen, we are just happy to be in your hands.