“The Scourge” review

The ScourgeReview by Eryn Keenan

“When a plague isn’t all that kills…”

In “The Scourge”  by Jennifer A. Nielsen, Ani Mells is one of the River People, a group that is treated like servants and called grubs by the Townspeople. Three hundred years ago a sickness called the Scourge killed half of the population in the city of Keldan and it has returned.

The River People are accused of causing the disease and now the city enforces harsher rules on the River People. These rules make the River People furious because they are forced to complete unwanted testing.

When Ani is taken captive she is declared a Victim and immediately has to begin to prepare to leave for the Colony- a place where Victims are sent to live out the rest of their shortened and painful lives without spreading the disease.

Upon her arrival at the Colony, Ani begins to question the origin of the disease.  Her enemies are breathing down her neck as she begins to uncover many twisted secrets.  In order to save herself and her people, Ani must unravel the Townspeople’s belief that he River People caused the Scourge.

Will Ani ever make it home safe again or is she destined to die a quick and painful death?

This novel is an amazing tale of unexpected friendships, disease and secrets. “The Scourge” has a total of 368 pages with a recommended reading age group of 10-14 years old. Nielsen’s novel is a fast-paced adventure that you just can’t put down. If you are a fan of Brian Staveley or Nicole Ciacchella, you’ll love “The Scourge.”

ErynKeenanEryn is an eighth grader at Edythe J. Hayes Middle School.