Follow the Trail: Trucks

Review by Mary Edinger Shive
DKFollowTrailBooksRun, don’t walk to get a copy of this book, “Follow the Trail: Trucks” from DK Publishing.
The first thing my two-year-old son said when he saw this book was “Wow Mom, is that book for me?  It looks so shiny and fun, I want to read it right now.”  And read it we did, many many times.
The first few times through the book he would ask us to trace the lines and he would put his hand on top of ours.  After the third time he announced “I got this” and began to trace the glittery lines of the paths that each truck would take across the pages.  The words and graphics kept his interest in addition to the bright and glittery trails.  Each time we read the book was a new adventure for him as he would make up additional stories and ask questions about what each truck was doing and its upcoming destination.
This book would be a wonderful addition to any library for children 2-5 years old.