First Birthday Helpful Hints

Giant beautifully decorated blue and cream cup cake surrounded by bunting and balloons.

First birthdays are a major milestone for baby and parents.

Congratulations- you made it through the first year of sleep deprivation!

Pinterest might inspire you to throw an elaborate party for your little one, but here are some things to consider when planning a one-year birthday bash.

  • Timing is Key. Schedule the party around nap-time. Don’t assume you can get your baby down for an early nap to compensate. A party has a lot of stimulation for a little one. Pair that with an overtired baby and it’s a recipe for a meltdown.
  • Be Judicious with the Guest List. Many loved ones will want to celebrate your baby’s first birthday, but a huge crowd can easily overwhelm your child. Keep the party low-key and take plenty of pictures for everyone else.
  • Remember the Camera. Designate a friend or family member to take photos and video if you think you might be distracted with hosting. You will want to document the special day. Let that friend know if you want any specific moments on film (the birthday song, first taste of cake, etc;)
  • Don’t Over-DIY. If you are a crafty mama and love to DIY parties, then go on and have a blast with a “First Year” theme. But life is busy and one-year-olds are demanding creatures. If you need to order the cake from a store and buy prepackaged decorations, then do it. Your baby won’t know the difference.
  • Don’t Expect a Performance. Your child may not react to every gift they receive. They may enjoy the wrapping paper more than the actual present. They may cry when you sing “Happy Birthday” or barely touch their cake. It’s ok. Allow your child to experience the day in a way that’s natural for them.

What tips do you have for a first birthday party?