Reach Out to a Grieving Friend

Reach Out to a Grieving Friend

F0llow These Tips to Aid Healing Process F0llow These Tips to Aid Healing Process 

Do you have a friend who is grieving? These tips may help:

•Call Often.
Especially after the first couple of months. Those who are grieving may not have the energy to call, even though they may need to talk.

• Talk About the One Who Died.
Don’t avoid his/her name. Sharing memories can help your friend deal with the reality of loss.

• Express Your Caring.
If you feel like crying when talking to your friend, it’s okay.

• Bring Food or Invite Your Friend to Dinner.
As one woman said, “I have to eat, but it’s so hard to cook.”

• Most of Us Feel Awkward Around Pain or Suffering.
That, too, is normal. Know that as you share moments of pain with your relatives and friends, you will eventually share moments of joy.

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