Ninja Bunny: Sister vs. Brother

ninjabunnyReview by Katie Saltz

“Ninja Bunny: Sister vs. Brother” by Jennifer Gray Olson is the perfect read for any big brother or sister who gets annoyed by a younger sibling (and what big sibling doesn’t?)

Ninja Bunny is on a mission to find the Golden Carrot of Awesomeness. But his little sister insists on joining his team. Ninja Bunny declares she is too little to be a super awesome ninja like him.

The message of the book is one of teamwork and not writing off a younger sibling simply because they are “too little.” This book resonated with my five-year-old daughter who often sounds like Ninja Bunny and his cries of “Mommmmm!” when my 1-year-old son gets into her toys.

Playing nice doesn’t come easily for some siblings, especially when there is an age gap. But this book opened the door for us to discuss that being an older sibling comes with responsibility. We talked about how younger siblings just want to feel included and that older siblings are role models.

I like that this book uses print awareness. The illustrations include signs with words about the Golden Carrot. This teaches children about the nature and uses of print in the real world. The illustrations are appealing without being over-stimulating, which makes for an appropriate bedtime read.

I recommend “Ninja Bunny: Sister vs. Brother” for any family with multiple children. It is best suited for ages 3-7. The struggle Ninja Bunny faces with including his sister in his adventures is one children will relate to and the story is enjoyable for parents.

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