Foundation Instills Confidence in Youth

Foundation Instills Confidence in Youth

By Kimberly Hudson


My husband and I own our own businesses and are the parents of three children, which is enough to keep us both busy.

People ask me why I would start The Curious Edge Foundation or teach young people at my church or make presentations around town.

When is enough, enough?

My response is the same – I am a better wife and mother when I am fulfilling my passion.

Young people interest me and I want to be intentional about  investing in our future. I love instilling confidence in them so they believe they can do anything.

This stems from my own childhood. My parents and grandparents instilled a strong work ethic in me, and made me feel confident. Growing up, I cannot think of a single time I thought, “I can’t do this.”

Teachers, coaches, principals, my school superintendent and ministers at my church invested time in me and gave me opportunities to organize events, lead school assemblies and serve on committees. All of them believed in my ability to contribute.

I see young people today and I immediately try to identify their strengths and weaknesses, academically and personally.  I believe everyone has a sphere of influence, and young people can influence positively or negatively.

It’s no different when dealing with academics – you have to identify strengths and weaknesses.

You begin by giving a student tools he did not previously possess and teach him how to use those tools so he can accomplish something that previously thwarted him.

The purpose of The Curious Edge Foundation is to take the tools we have developed in our clinic and get them into the hands of teachers, clinicians, volunteers or whoever else might help a student.

The Foundation is the tool that allows us to carry our message outside of our clinic walls.

It allows us to reach those kids who slip through the cracks at school, don’t have someone at home at night to help them with homework, or simply don’t believe they can ever be successful academically.

We want to help those kids and that’s why we started the Foundation. In turn, following my passion makes me a better person to my family – a real win-win situation.


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