Tips for Packing School Lunch

Bento boxes make packing a healthy lunch fun, using compartments to include a variety of foods. Use these tips to pack a school lunch your child will love.
• Let kids help pick their food. Set some parameters but let them make the choices. If they pack it, they
are more likely to eat it.
• Think in terms of varying yet complementary flavors, colors and textures. Do you have an array of
colors? Do you have something crunchy, crisp, smooth? What would taste good together?
• Bento boxes are an ideal way to use leftovers. Save a spoonful of rice, pasta or salad from dinner and
tuck it in the box.
• Keep portion sizes small. It’s not uncommon for kids to throw out a lot of their packed lunches.

Instead of Lunch Box, Think Bento Box
Bento box info provided by the Tweens Nutrition and Fitness Coalition.


Combo Ideas
“Gone Fishing” tuna, goldfish crackers, carrots, yogurt & grapes.

“Lotsa Pasta” leftover pasta, tomato sauce, grated cheese, chopped veggies &  chopped chicken

“Yogurt Parfait” vanilla yogurt, frozen berries, granola, dried fruit & sunflower seeds

“Play with your Food”  dollop of almond, peanut or sunbutter, apple slices, celery, graham crackers & raisins

Sweets Optional