So Many Stars

SoManyStarsCoverReview by Stacy Faraci

“So Many Stars” by Andy Warhol brings a whole new lighthearted touch to an artist many of us know so well, one that’s perfect for even the littlest ones. My 11-month-old is at the age where bedtime can be stressful, and we like to keep her evening reading short and sweet so that she can head off to bed without the dreaded meltdown.

This book has become a staple at bedtime not only because it’s a quick read, but it’s bold, bright and colorful! The words in it are simple, but incorporate vocabulary words you don’t often see in young children’s books. This is a big perk to me, as I think introducing as many words possible is important for these little learners!

Overall, it’s a fun twist on a children’s book with a ton of beautiful pieces of art work, bold designs and colors and fun new vocabulary words to introduce and teach. Oh, and the mirror on the last page is a fun surprise that my daughter always gets excited for!