Fit Family Testimonials

Two of our active Fit Families shared their thoughts after the Challenge.

McCannThe McCann Family
Laurie, Ernest, Elaysha, Eriyah, Essence and Ernest II

“The Fit Family Challenge has meant a lot to me and my family. It has shown my kids there are other things besides electronics to keep their minds as well as their bodies fit and sharp, and with having four kids it’s definitely a job keeping them busy and happy.

“With me being diagnosed with P.C.O.S (polycystic ovarian syndrome), the Fit Family Challenge has definitely showed me that I can do this and fight P.C




WilsonThe Wilson Family
Anthony, Stephanie and Claire

“We have enjoyed our journey with the Fit Family Challenge. Over the last eight weeks, Anthony lost 10 pounds, Stephanie gained 4 pounds of toned muscle, and daughter Claire rebuilt muscles atrophied during a previous illness. We loved the variety of free classes offered during the Challenge. This Challenge has been such a blessing to our family, and we hope to maintain our new-found fitness for life.”