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Each month we consult with experts – our readers! – about parenting and ask a question on our Facebook page. July’s Question was:

What is a silly nickname you have for your child?

♦ “Our grandson is extremely cute, chubby and bald. Grandpa has been calling him ‘Buddha.’” – Suzanne Thompson Ross

♦ “We call my 5-month-old, ‘Puppy.’ We are dog people, so he’s our little puppy.” – Heather Barger

♦ “I call both of my boys my ‘Little Petunias.’ Petunias are just sweet little colorful things which perfectly describes both of my boys’ personalities.” – Sara Gibson

♦ “‘ScooterPie.’ She has been scooting around since she was very young, days old.” – Diana Bauer-Grant

♦ “‘Tootsies,’ because he used to toot often as a baby.” – Kali Elizabeth Gillum

August’s Feedback Question:

What is your best pick-up line for finding “mom friends”?

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