Blue & Other Colors

BlueandOtherColorscoverReview by Stacy Faraci

Taking the iconic work of Henri Matisse and putting it into a young children’s book might not be expected, but it works perfectly as a primer for colors!

Using the abstract works of Matisse and the bold contrast in them to describe the colors of the rainbow is a welcome twist on the typical book of colors.

Fun, abstract designs that are full of contrast and bold colors make it easy for little ones to see the differences between colors and to start putting together the ways in which they interact. One of the best parts of the images for me is the texture that comes through in some of them, making them so beautiful to look at.

The descriptions perfectly describe the interactions between colors and help to teach those relationships in clear, easy ways!

Needless to say, this is a great choice for teaching colors, or just enjoying some beautiful works of art with your child with an artistic twist.