“Nightfall” by Jake Halpern and Peter Kujawinski

NightfallBook review by Eryn Keenan

“It took years and years for the sun to make its way across the sky, but only minutes for night to arrive.”

In “Nightfall,” three 14-year-olds are left behind on an island where perpetual night has fallen. The novel showcases the hardships and adventures the three teenagers face to reunite with their families.

Marie, Line,and Kana aren’t alone on the island. There are creatures lurking in the forest determined to find and kill them. Kana is also struggling with a mysterious transformation between two identities. The trio come up with a plan to escape the night but illness has struck Line and he is slowing them down.

The authors invent an amazing world full of mystery that will keep readers turning pages. As the creatures loom ever so close a mysterious voice both Marie and Kana have heard before attempts to guide the group to safety. Can the voice be trusted or is it a trap? The group faces many unexpected twist and turns. Will they survive?

This horror/mystery novel is suitable for ages 12-17 years old. The novel was a quick read at 346 pages but is packed full of fun surprises. I felt the novel dealt with trust, discipline, life or death choices and overcoming fears. Overall, the novel was a fun read with tons of emotional moments. Books similar to “Nightfall” are “Among the Hidden” by Margaret Peterson and any of the books written by R.L Stine.

ErynKeenanEryn is an eighth grader at Edythe J. Hayes Middle School.