“Julia Vanishes” by Catherine Egan

Book Review by Kennedy Foreman

JuliaVanishesThis fiction book takes the reader on a thorough, well thought adventure in a sophisticated world.  The story focuses on a spy named Julia. Although, she is not a normal spy; Julia has the special ability of disappearing. She has to keep her ability secret because the government she lives under routinely kills anything magical, including thousands of witches.

A secret employer hires her to get information in the house of a Ms. Och. Julia believes this will be an easy job, but as the days go on, she realizes this is a much more complicated story. With strange noises coming from the cellar, mysterious houseguests, and witch harboring, Julia realizes this is not a simple job.

This book focuses mainly on Julia and her spying job, but also fully develops the world she lives in, along with giving a background to every main character. This is an amazing book for anyone who loves action, but also enjoys knowing more about the characters involved.

This book reminded me of the “Witches and Wizards” series by James Patterson, the use of magical forces with mystery and action on every page. This is a great book for anyone who wants a quick read, especially since this book is so hard to put down.  This book does have some mature concepts, as well as some that are quite gruesome and depressing, so a more mature audience may be recommended.

KennedyForemanKennedy is a junior at Henry Clay High School.