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Parenting Questions

Each month we consult with experts – our readers! – about parenting and ask a question on our Facebook page. June’s Question was:

 What is the most annoying piece of unsolicited parenting advice you’ve received?


♦ “Don’t hold my baby all the time because it will spoil them. I always said, ‘I want to hold my baby so it doesn’t matter if it will spoil them.’” – Bridgette Silcox Miracle


♦ “‘Can’t get your baby to sleep through the night? Just put gravy in their bottle.’ I really wasn’t sure how to respond except to smile and nod while thinking the person was crazy.” –  Evelyn Brandenberg


♦ “When I took my baby out in public her first few months, dressed in a short sleeve onesie and leggings, and was told how cold she was, that I should have her in more layers. In 80+ degree weather. I was babywearing, and they hadn’t touched her but somehow knew better.” – Sarah Frank Bowker


July’s Feedback Question:

 What is a silly nickname you call your child, and why?

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