Fun Summer Brain Games For Kids

By Kimberly Hudson

KimberlyIn line with research showing the neuroplasticity of the human brain, The Curious Edge has clinical data that proves the fastest and most effective way to strengthen cognitive skills is through one-on-one intervention.

We also know that parents can make changes, on a smaller scale, to help strengthen their children’s brain skills by choosing games and activities that use these essential skills.

Here is a list of ideal brain games you can play with your children this summer. Your kids will have fun without even realizing they are learning.

1). Match It! Spelling Memory by The Learning Journey International ($10.28)*

Find matching pairs that teach short spelling words, like “cat” and “frog.” / Ages: 3+ / Cognitive skills: Memory, problem solving, sound blending, auditory processing, phonemic awareness.

2). Five Crowns Junior by SET Enterprises Inc. ($10.43)

Match all five cards in your hand by either number or color to win a treasure chip. / Ages: 5+ / Cognitive skills: Visual processing, attention.

3). Blokus by Mattel ($16.74)

Place your pieces on the board so that they touch another piece of the same color but only at the corners. / Ages: 7+

Cognitive skills: Strategy, logic & reasoning, visual processing, processing speed, planning.

4). Back 2 Back by SmartGames ($10.75)

A challenging grid-based puzzle game. / Ages: 7+ / Cognitive skills: Planning, visual processing, attention.

5). Clumsy Thief by Melon Rind ($14.99)

A fast-paced card game requiring a mix of strategy and addition skills. / Ages: 8+ / Cognitive skills: Strategy, planning, math computations, attention.

6). Wordplay for Kids by Game Development Group ($17.45)

Build words that fit the category and include the letters required as you race to the finish. / Ages: 8+ / Cognitive skills: Phonemic awareness, sound blending, visual processing, processing speed, attention.

7). Tapple by USAopoly ($13.00)

Choose a category card and name a word matching the category within 10 seconds, then press the first letter of the word on the wheel. Can’t think of a word in time? You’re out.  Ages: 8+ / Cognitive skills: Processing speed, memory, attention.

8). Balance Benders by Critical Thinking Press ($14.98)

Solve these quick, fun logic problems that develop deductive thinking and pre-algebra skills. / Ages: 9+ / Cognitive skills: Logic, reasoning, math skills, attention.

 *Prices based on at the time of compilation.

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