For First Time, Midway University Will Enroll Men

Midway University’s Board of Trustees voted unanimously in May to transition to a fully coeducational institution, admitting men to its undergraduate program.

Men will be admitted to the daytime undergraduate programs beginning immediately with the fall 2016 semester. Men can apply to live in residence halls starting in spring 2017. Midway already offers coed programs in the evening, online and graduate programs.

“Today is yet another historic moment in the life of an institution that has always transformed itself to remain relevant,” President John Marsden said in a news release.

“Our founding mission was to provide young women with access to education at a time when education was mainly available to men. We have fulfilled that mission for 169 years and this decision will ensure that we continue to do so.”

The decision to admit men to the daytime undergraduate program was made in an effort to remain a viable option in challenging times for higher education.

Many media outlets report that only 2% of high school females desire a single-sex education.