Dining Out with Baby

Eating out with children can be challenging. Be prepared with these handy products

and the whole family can enjoy a meal out.

OliveDiaperToteTwelveLittle Unisex 3-in- 1 Foldover Tote: Keep everything you need for a trip out of the house in this versatile, spacious bag. It can be carried by a long strap, short handle or as a backpack. The style is unisex so Dad and Mom can evenly split diaper duty when you are out and about. Shop for this bag and other styles here.


HighChairCoverCarter’s High Chair Cover

Try not to think about how many children have used that high chair before. Cover all the germs with this cover that provides cushion for your baby, plus the harness straps give extra security for wiggly little ones.


BibbityBibBibbity Bib: Kids are messy eaters, especially those just learning to feed themselves. The Bibbity Rinse and Roll Bib catches the mess before it hits the floor. (Your server will thank you.) It can be cleaned by just wiping it off and then rolled up for easy storage. Find it in more colors.


SiliStickTopperSili Stick Table Topper: Have you ever lost count of how many times your child dropped something on the restaurant floor? This table topper is a silicone placemat that will grip the table surface and keep your child’s toys, or dinner plate, in place. Find this reusable mat online or in stores.



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