You Can’t Help But Win If You Take the Challenge

If you take the Fit Family Challenge, you’re going to have work at two things – getting in shape and trying  hard to avoid winning a cool prize.

Lexington Family Magazine’s 2016 Fit Family Challenge is masquerading as a kind of springtime Santa Claus because of all the giveaways that come with it.

The showstopper is the grand prize – a trip for four to Universal Studios in Orlando. That winner will be announced at the end of the Challenge, which runs May 1-June 26.

To take the Challenge and qualify for that and other weekly prizes, register at and then track your progress online.

The more you exercise and eat right, the more points you accrue, which increases your chances winning.

Even though the Challenge hasn’t begun, we’ve already handed out prizes.

From the first 100 people who registered as of April 1, we picked three winners.

Abbe Milburn won a three-month membership to the YMCA, Allyson Ellingsworth got a Fitbit and Elizabeth Leon received tickets to the Zipline at Red River Gorge.

We had so much fun giving away those prizes, we did it again at our 14th annual Summer Camp & Activities Fair, which was Saturday, April 9 at Lexington Christian Academy.

From the 150 people who registered at the Fair, we gave away the same three prizes – the YMCA membership went to Nicole Knox, Megan Lahde picked up a Fitbit and Alice Huddleston received Zipline tickets.

Call us crazy, but we’re giving those prizes away one more time – at our Kickoff Event on Sunday, May 1 , 4-6 p.m. at Keeneland at the Great Cake Race, a 5K to benefit Sweet Blessings.

It will be a family fun day with inflatables, music and, yes, more prizes.

I told ya. We’re giving away prizes like it’s Christmas. Come join the fun.