Writing Contest Winners Announced

Our 12th annual Writing Contest brought in more than 400 entries this year, spanning 47 different schools.

Midway University sponsored the contest and provided a $250 prize to the school with the highest percentage of student participation. Lexington Christian Academy won the school prize with 14% of their school entering the contest. Sandersville Elementary and The Lexington Latin School were right behind with 11% school participation each.

Children in grades K-5 submitted creative essays about “If My Pet Could Talk …” Some students wrote their essays from the perspective of a talking animal. Others wrote about the shock they would feel upon learning their pet had such a special gift.

We read about talking dogs, cats, horses, elephants, fish and even a pet axolotl. The talking pets did everything from crack jokes, win singing competitions, help with homework, and some even led secret lives before settling down to live as a normal pet.

Essays were judged in three categories: Grades K & 1, Grades2 & 3 and Grades 4 & 5. Prizes were awarded to both boys and girls.

Winners received prizes from American Girl, BreyerFest and the YMCA of Central Kentucky. Entries were judged on creativity, quality of writing and how well they fit the theme.

(For a complete list of winners and their full essays, plus our honorable mention winners, please visit www.lexingtonfamily.com)

Look for all the details on next year’s contest starting in January. Essays will be due at the end of March, 2017. Y

Contest Winners

K-1st grade: Girls: Caroline Beams (Sandersville Elementary)
Boys: Nikhil Venkateswaran (Picadome)
2nd-3rd grade: Girls: Savannah Belcher (Sandersville Elementary)
Boys: Jack Ferrell (Lexington Latin School)
4th-5th grade: Girls: Olivia Evans (Millcreek Elementary)
Boys: Wyatt Boone (Lexington Christian Academy)