Summer Camps Fact or Fiction

There are many reasons to send your child to summer camp – to learn a new skill, spend time with peers or to explore new interests.

So what’s holding you back? If you are hesitant about summer camp, it may be based on a misconception.

Check out our list of common camp misconceptions and play fact or fiction with us.


Fiction: Summer camp is expensive

Fact: Tuition from camp to camp has a wide range.

Affording a full summer of overnight camp might be out of reach, but a few weeks or days of local camp can fit almost everyone’s budget.

Plus, many camps offer scholarships so be sure to ask camp directors about assistance programs.


Fiction: Our family’s schedule doesn’t work with summer camps

Fact: Camp doesn’t have to take up your entire summer.

Weekly sessions, drop-in days or part-day schedules can be found at a variety of camps.

If you are a working parent, ask about extended care. Most camps offer early drop-off and/or late pick-up for a small extra fee.


Fiction: My child isn’t interested in camping so he wouldn’t like summer camp

Fact: Although camp conjures images of cabins and canoes, summer camps happen in all environments.

Camp happens in the art studio, in a computer lab or on a stage. Whatever your child’s area of interest, chances are a camp exists to nurture that passion.


Fiction: My child is too young/old for camp

Fact: Our camp directory has listings starting for preschoolers as young as age 2, all the way through college-aged students.

Preschool aged children can be introduced to the world of camp while older teens can move up from camper status to counselor or counselor-in-training.


So from soccer to science, archery to arts and crafts, there is a summer camp out there just right for your child.

Check out our directory that starts below and don’t let misconceptions keep your child from a memorable summer experience.