Fit Family Challenge: Getting Started



Lexington Family Magazine’s 2016 Fit Family Challenge kicks off online at midnight May 1.

Taking more steps is an easy way to get light exercise in your daily life, but here are some even easier steps you can take to get healthy as a family:

Step 1: Sign up for the Fit Family Challenge. Enrollment stays open throughout the Challenge. If you haven’t registered by May 1, you can still do so. Go to and click “register.”

Step 2: Look for a confirmation email. This contains your user name and password to log-in. Check your junk folder in case it gets marked as spam.

Step 3: Grab your computer, tablet or phone and log in to your account whenever you want to add a healthy activity. You can access your account starting at midnight on May 1.

Adding activities is how you earn points toward weekly prize drawings. Be sure to also add those promo codes you find at our free fitness classes around town to get bonus points.

Step 4: Read your weekly e-newsletter. We will send you a calendar of the free classes you can take, tips from our expert panel, and we will list prize winners each week.

Weekly prizes so far include Fitbits, an electric scooter, produce from local farms, gift cards to local restaurants and a weekend getaway to the Opryland Hotel in Nashville.

The grand prize is a trip for four to Universal Studios in Orlando.

Step 5: Mark your calendar for Saturday, June 25. We will host a 5K and 1-mile Fun Run at Coldstream Park from 9 a.m.-noon to celebrate the end of the Challenge.


Free Classes for May

You must be registered for the Fit Family Challenge to use a free class pass.


Bella Forza Fitness, 829 National Ave. /

Group fitness classes include yoga, Pilates, flexibility training and more.


Centered, 309 N Ashland Ave #180 /

Yoga, dance parties, Aikido, Tai Chi and self-care hours. Classes available for

children, teens and adults.


Flourish, 3440 Richmond Rd #110 /

Classes are open to women only, ages 13 & up. (Participants under 18 years of

age may attend when accompanied by a parent and sign a waiver.)

Classes include Arms and Cardio, Leg Day, Hip Hop Hustle, Yoga, Zumba,

Bootcamp, and more.


Stroller Strides, Veteran’s Park /

Classes are for women, children in strollers are welcome.

Class includes power walking/jogging and intervals of strength and body toning

exercise using exercise tubing, a stroller, and the environment


Urban Ninja Project, 1532 N. Limestone /

Events for the whole family to enjoy physical activity together.


Rhonda Jackson familyThe Jackson Family

Members: Rhonda, 30 / Children: Victoria, 14, Larae, 12
Hometown: Lexington / School: Both girls attend Bryan Station Middle
Their Goals:
Rhonda’s fitness goals rest on a tight schedule and a tight budget – something many working families can relate to. The Jacksons’ schedule is jam-packed and as a single mom, gym fees aren’t always feasible.
“We want to find something that is sustainable over time physically, due to our crazy, busy chaotic schedule, and financially,” she said.
The busy schedule also leads to unhealthy snacking. Rhonda wants to find a variety of healthy snacks that she and her daughters can all learn to make.
“I’m a snacker,” Rhonda said. “We are on-the-go and our days are long so we snack a lot.”
As far as finding time for herself, Rhonda admits that she is not diligent about scheduling self-care,
Between volunteering, her children’s extracurricular activities and work, Rhonda hopes to learn how to give herself a break and be more selective in choosing family commitments.

Expert Advice:
Personal Trainer Tara Stamper:
“Rhonda wants to make physical activity second nature to her daily routine, and she has expressed concern about being able to afford a fitness plan. We are going to show her how you don’t need to be inside a gym to be physically active. Our workout plan will use minimal, if any, equipment so activities will require only her body and a couple feet of space.”

Nutritionist Lora Jody: “The Jackson family will focus on each child adding a new vegetable each week in order to develop a taste for a variety of healthy foods. We have set the goals for this family as follows: snacks to be healthier, choosing healthy meals when eating away from home, and developing a taste for more variety in the plant foods.”

Life Coach Kelly Gore: “I’ve given both families several life coaching assignments that will help them re-discover what they enjoy, evaluate the different facets of their life, and get a clear reality of how they are currently spending their time.”

Jennie Boyd familyThe Boyd Family

MEMBERS: Jennie, 42, Doug 46 / CHILDREN: Charlotte, 12, Kathleen, 10, Eleanor, 8
HOMETOWN: Lexington / SCHOOL: Charlotte (Edythe J. Hayes Middle), Kathleen and Eleanor (Athens-Chilesburg Elementary

Their goals:

Getting comfortable in the gym is a first step for the Boyd family. Doug has a back injury from a car accident that makes certain types of exercise painful.

He has relied on cycling and swimming, but hopes to find other activities that can help him lose weight without aggravating the injury.

Jennie will start with weight bearing and a cardio program. She hopes to get more comfortable in the gym setting and to pass that along to her daughters.

“I want my girls to know how to use any piece of equipment,” Jennie said, “so when they are teenagers or in college, they can walk into a gym and own it.”

At the Boyd dinner table, the family plans to transition to a plant-based diet. Not strictly vegetarian, Jennie said, but the family wants to make vegetables a priority on the plate.

“I would like to find new recipes that the kids will get excited about and to expand their palette,” she said.

Life is busy for the Boyds, and Jennie feels that they are overloaded with responsibilities. Doug travels often and Jennie takes on freelance projects in addition to being a mother of three.

Their “to-do” list often gets overtaken by whatever has the first deadline, and long-term family plans get put on the backburner.

Expert Advice:

Nutritionist Lora Jody: “The Boyd family already eats very healthy but would like to eat more of a plant based diet. I’ve given them recipes for five new plant-based meals. We will also be utilizing new ways of eating desserts and sweets that are healthy.”

Life Coach Kelly Gore: “Like most families, they have full schedules and are juggling numerous roles and responsibilities. Our first step will be to get an honest look at their current reality.” Y



Gore-LifeCoachLife Coach
Kelly Thorne Gore
Life & Business Coach, iBloom
Psychology BA and 10 years as a Certified Life Coach

“I’m looking forward to teaching families how they can be intentional about creating a life they love. Often times we just get caught up in life and we forget to take a  step back to evaluate and make necessary changes.”

Lora Jody
Owner of Advanced Nutrition Therapy, LLC
Nutrition BS, RDN, LD

“I hope to provide the Spotlight Families with the tools needed to improve their health as well as their confidence in taking charge of the foods they eat and using them to their physical advantage. I also hope to empower them with nutrition knowledge that will be utilized permanently to improve their health and their children’s future.”

Chaz Clifford
Wildcat Fitness in Heartland Shopping Center
Kinesiology Exercise Science BA

“The biggest thing I would like to help this family achieve is the balance aspect of health and wellness, as well as crushing every stereotype they might have about fitness/personal trainers. Make them believers because a lot of things can be accomplished through fitness, not just the appearance aspect that gets so heavily weighed upon.”


The Team at Flourish
Sarah Darby, Kerry Tuttle, Tara Stamper,
Remona Hunter and Tonja Harding

“I want you to know that when you take the time to refuel, you will have more to give to those you care for most. When you are rundown and not making time for yourself, it will catch up with you.” – Tara Stamper, owner