April DVD Reviews

PawPatrolDVD“Paw Patrol: Brave Heroes, Big Rescues” reviewed by Katie Havelda-Dent

Our family finally understands what all the “Paw Patrol” fuss is about. These adorable rescue dogs have recruited two new fans at our house. My four year old and two year old are crazy about Chase, Marshall, Sky and their buddies after watching this DVD.

The DVD includes six episodes where the Paw Patrol pups save the day. They help with a town parade gone awry, rescue dinosaurs, and even save Mer-pups (mermaid puppies – my daughter’s new favorite creature.)

The stories are filled with humor and examples of kindness. My two year old loves trucks and dogs. So, he was sold immediately. He says, “I love those happy truck dogs, Mommy!” My four-year-old daughter was totally engaged in the storytelling and adorable animation and has asked to rewatch the shows every day this week. This will be a new favorite DVD at our house, for sure!