April Book Reviews

TrianglesBook“Triangles” reviewed by Stacy Faraci

“Triangles” by Yusuke Yonezu is a very sweet board book that takes elements of shapes, colors, and tactile cut outs, and forms a very enjoyable experience for any little reader. Bold simple pages that take bright colors and contrast them with white backgrounds make it an eye-catching read for even the youngest reader.

My six-month-old daughter was particularly interested by the cut out pages. Once she realized they were more than images, and could be touched and explored, she was intrigued and fascinated.  The tactile experience kept her engaged through reading and added immensely to the story!

The simple and bold objects in the book are easy to recognize and simple, but engaging, vocabulary that can relate to everyday life. I enjoy books like this that help me to connect everyday objects to experiences with my daughter and help her to learn about the world around her.

Overall this was a very fun read that will be read over and over again in our home. Because of its relatable subject matter for vocabulary learning it was a fun experience for little hands to explore.


ImportanceofBeing3Cover“The Importance of Being 3” reviewed by Sarah Adams
“The Importance of 3” by Lindsay Ward is a cute little picture book for toddlers best suited for ages two to four. It’s simple enough where you can ask questions and get responses once or before you read the sentence on the page.
I love that this book is simple yet complex enough for a toddler to follow along as they point out all the items or things they know. The illustrations are sweet and innocent too! This is the perfect gift or activity to do with your budding three year. My almost three-year-old enjoyed that the book was able to mock her daily routine slightly from going to play with friends at school to meltdowns and bedtime.
I enjoyed this book because going from two years old to three is a big leap and it even reminds me as a parent where they have come from and what’s maybe coming next.  My two-year-old pointed out the animals ( “Look mommy!! Three kitties! Meow!!”) and then we talked about how she would be going on vacation to a hotel with a pool (there’s a pool scene). This book deserves a spot next to the classics on every family’s bookshelf.
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RedTruckCover“Red Truck” reviewed by Susan Szczerbicki
“Red Truck” is a cute board book written by Kersten Hamilton and illustrated by Valeria Petrone. Looking at it, I knew that this would be a great book for my 23-month-old son, the truck lover.
It is slightly larger than the average board book, which is great for smaller hands and makes for easier page turning.
It also has bright colors that stand out from the background and a lot of sound words, like
sploosh, vroom, and zoom, which my son loves.
The story rhymes and is about a tow truck that saves a school bus from wet, snowy roads. My son was drawn to the book, picking it up and flipping through the pages on his own as soon as he saw it. He has really enjoyed it being read to him and cheers at the end.
This book would be great for active children because the sound words make it exciting. It would also be good for any child who loves cars and trucks. Overall, Red Truck is a cute board book that would make a great addition to any 2 year-old’s library.
KevinsBigBookCover“Vroom! Kevin’s Big Book of Vehicles” reviewed by Mary Edinger
“Vroom! Kevin’s Big Book of Vehicles”by Lisbet Slegers is truly a big book in more ways than one. The book itself is large in size and has wonderful colors and drawings that interested my two-year-old son.
This book is also quite detailed in its descriptions of each vehicle and its purpose. There are several things that are currently too advanced in this book, however, I appreciate that as it will be a book that can grow with us and we can use for years to come.
My son asks for this book, “I want to read the big car, truck, tractor book!”, and we have been reading it daily for over a week and he is not the slightest bit bored. He enjoys the rhymes as well as the questions posed in the book that allow him to be an active participant when we read the book. He has been thrilled that there is a new question that seems to draw his attention with each reading.
This would be a great book for children ages 2 and up that enjoy interactive books about transportation.